The Hague Guided Bike Tour (Highlights Tour)

Discover The Hague by Bike!If you are in The Netherlands do as the Dutch do… so go by bike!
With our Highlights bike tour we will supply you with a solid and safe bike and together with one of our knowledgeable guides you will go out and discover! As travelling by bike gives you a greater reach you will see much more of the Hague than you would during a walking tour.

Cycle along The Hague highlights with our guide!
The Hague: Royal city, city of peace and justice and city by the sea. All of these themes will be part of this guided biking tour. You will meet at a central point after which our guided will take you on a trip through Den Haag. The Hague is a dynamical city and way up from your saddle you will acknowledge this. Our guides from Haagse Tours have developed a safe and fun biketour that will mainly lead you over special biking lanes.

Our The Hague Highlights Bike Tour is a great way of getting to know the whole city of The Hague, seeing the whole picture. We are pretty sure that after our biking tour you will get off with a smile on your face.

The guided tour will introduce you to several themes and after 2 hours you will have the feeling that you have seen the city as a whole – so not only the innercity. As such this biking tour is perfect when you are planning a longer stay in The Hague.
We can do this tour in Dutch, English and German language.

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Fees: € 27,50 per person (incl. Bike rental + Guide) (minimum of 6 persons)
  • Starting time: Each time is possible
  • Meeting point: Central location in the city centre

Are you with less than 6 persons? If you are prepared to pay for the minimum number of participants you can of course book for a smaller group as well!

The Hague Guided Walking Tour

The best way to discover The Hague! With a local guide that really loves the city you will find The Hague Highlights guided walking tour the most enjoyable way to get to know the city. You will be introduced to all the historical main sights. You can make a reservation for any date and time you like and you will discover all kinds of unexpected things you wouldn’t find on your own!

Palace Noordeinde. The Binnenhof (oldest House of Parliament in the world still in use), Het Lange Voorhout or the Prisoners gate. Dutch people hear and see about those places in the news everyday. During our tour you will experience them very closely. You will be amazed by the stories our guides can tell you about those landmarks of The Hague.

Our The Hague Highlights Guided Tour is a great way of getting to know The Hague and Dutch and European culture in general. But even if you already got acquainted with The Hague before this guided tour will give you lots of new insights.

The guided tour will introduce you to several themes and after 1,5 or 2 hours you can call yourself a “The Hague expert”. If you have a special request we love to help you to cook a recipe for a great personalized guided tour.

  • Duration: 1 ½ hours or 2 hours
  • Price: € 13,50 per person (1,5 hours) / € 18,50 per person (2 hours) (minimum of 6 persons)
  • Tijdstip: Each starting time is possible
  • Startpunt: From every location in the old town (pick-up at hotel possible)

Are you with less than 6 participants? If you are willing to pay for the minimum number of participants (6), you can book for a less number of participants!